Wild and Free - Edward R. Kenzakoski III
 Dear Ed,
     You came to me on the greatest day of my life, July 16, 1986.
     My heart was forever transformed with love.  You were all I  needed, you fulfilled me completely.
     We grew together and had so many good times and laughs.....we have many wonderful memories.
     The years passed too quickly and as you grew you were faced with many challenges and difficulties, but you were always so strong and beautiful. You worried about everyone else..you were always the carer of all.   No matter what you were going through you would do anything for anyone.  You were the greatest friend anyone could have, you were the greatest son anyone could ever have.  You were my pride and joy......you were perfection...you were my world...my everything.
     You lived so fully and deeply...you did everything with the greatest passion.  You journeyed to the extreme in everything you did.   You did the work of 4 men, you felt what  it was like to be at the top of the highest trees and the highest top of a mnountain.  You felt the force of a tornado "try" to hold you back.  You flipped every quad and truck you ever drove, you were burned by being too close to the flames, every part of your body has been stitched, you also always had to WIN....weather it was during a wrestling match or just playing candyland..lol...you always had to be number one!!  You lived fully and  "felt" it all in the short time you were here.
     You had so much love, but you also lost a lot and had a lot of heart break.
     I wish I could turn back time...but i know I cannot.  But every birthday, every holiday I will celebrate your life, just as you would, with an ice cold bottle of Bud!
     I know your at peace and your heart is light and free..  I know your happy and whole again with Dave, and Billy, and Flash and a whole mass of friends and family.
     I wish I could have kept you forever...my baby....my best buddy....my Munchie, my world, my life, my whole heart and soull...my one and only son, EDWARD RAYMOND KENZAKOSKI lll   !!!!
     Until I cross the rainbow bridge...and am with you again for the rest of eternity...I will go on...with a smile in my heart for ALL that you have given me.
                                    I'll love you forever and after, Mom xo
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