Wild and Free - Edward R. Kenzakoski III
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 Keeping Ed's Spirit Alive!
Ed engraved into my body and soul for the rest of my lifetime here!
I once knew a little boy
We called him “Munchie”
He loved to climb high into the trees,
Embark on wild spontaneous adventures,
And he was always filled
With joy and excitement for life.
This little boy grew to be a man.
A strong and courageous man indeed.
For those who knew this man
They knew his heart was filled with love.
This man has now departed us,
But his love will eternally remain.
Just look up into the sky and you may see,
“Munchie” soaring by as free as can be.
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Edward R. Kenzakoski III
It is not the length of life, but the depth of life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
If there was one soul in this world that lived deeply it was Ed Kenzakoski.  Everything he was involved in was a passionate and spontaneous adventure.  His life was a journey overflowing with dedication and persistence.  Tasks that “average” people would give up on were challenges to Ed.  He successfully completed and would persevere through anything and everything placed in his path.  Courage came naturally and fear did not exist in his personal philosophy of living.
When Ed was born a great adventure began.  He touched the heart of everyone close to him and continued to do this throughout his lifetime.  During his early childhood years he amazed everyone around him by hopping on a bike at nine months old, climbing towering trees at just a few years old, and becoming a great little wrestling champion when he was 5.  Ed always needed to be at the top and explore the Universe around him.  He possessed an incredible mind, heart and soul.  Ed knew no limits from the very beginning.  He did not worry, he did not fear; he was simply a special and unique human being who innately knew that life needed to be lived spontaneously and adventurously in the present moment.
As Ed grew up he touched even more people around him and engaged in many more activities that he enjoyed deeply.  He adored nature and spent as much time as possible communing with the outdoors.  He was one with the natural world.  The great outdoors was his limitless playground.  Whether it be hunting, fishing, quadding, or just sitting in the woods.  Nature was his home.
Eddie simply loved life.  He loved and cared for everyone around him and would give his life for his loved ones.  Passion for everyone and everything was Ed’s existence.  Work, fitness, family, friends, and the entirety of life, lived within Ed’s heart and he expressed it in his own way in everything he did. 
Now that Ed has departed this earth, you may think that something has changed.  But, for those who knew and loved him, we are sure he is living even more of an adventure watching over us, making sure we are safe, and encouraging us to live life as passionately and courageously as he always did.  Ed continues his journey and invites all of us to live our journey as deeply as possible. Ed lives on; feel him, love him, and listen to the message he lived in his passion-filled years.
To find out more about the tribute book honoring Ed, including a statement and poem by Ed's mom visit:www.EmbracingthePresent.com
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